Same crap, different day (snow_white) wrote in bad_service,
Same crap, different day

Still waiting...

I work in a boarding school in a rural UK location, so I rely heavily on online firms for stuff that we need - and since I order a fair amount from Amazon, I thought I would give Amazon Prime a try. Finally got round to using it, and I honestly feel my subscription has been wasted. Ordered an item yesterday, was promised that according to the Prime terms and conditions it would reach me today - and guess what? It hasn't, because Prime deliveries in my area are handled by City Link, a company with a horrendous reputation. I spent time on Amazon's live chat service, speaking to a representative with the worst command of English I have ever encountered, who told me that the driver "got confused with the parcel" - a story I don't buy for a second, since a)the address is correct and b) none of the other courier companies have ever had trouble finding me. Rang City Link, who had no idea where my item was and no explanation for why I hadn't received it - and could only suggest that I reschedule delivery for tomorrow. And it gets better, because Amazon will not allow customers to specify that they don't want a particular courier company to deliver their order - so if I stick with Prime I am stuck with City Link, who were probably selected by Amazon because of their cheap rates...and I'm sure you all know the saying that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.
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