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Chiropractor trouble

When I got pregnant with my son I started seeing a chiropractor to treat my migraines. He came highly recommended by a good friend and he was fabulous. about a year after I started seeing him he decided to open his own practice in another city. So I started going to the same chiropractor that my mother went to. There were two doctors who shared the practice and the patients. So while Dr C was technically my chiropractor I occasionally saw Dr M. I had no problem with this. The practice was fabulous at first.

The only complaint I had was that the wife of Dr C. would come in to help out once in a while. This in it of itself wasn't terrible however, she would dress in old, dirty jeans and t shirts with stains on them. She would greet clients and check them in while the doctors were in appointments. She would also bring their two children. The children would run around the office shouting and wandering in and out of appointment room and the 'relaxation' room where patients would go after the adjustment. It was less than relaxing. The children were also covered in dirt or snot or something sticky all the time. I have a child, I know they get dirty, but the occasional wipe down won't kill them.

Then I got into a car accident. All my previous work with them was paid off and closed and a new claim was opened under the accident so future treatment. The state of Utah has a law that states that the cost injuries from a car accident go through your Personal Injury Protection (PIP)  for a certain amount (it varies by policy) before the claim is moved over to the other insurance, assuming they're at fault (they were). Everything went fine at first. Dr C admitted that he doesn't always file with the insurance company in a timely manner because it's a lot of paperwork but not to worry everything works out. Fine, whatever, I was getting treatment and that's all I cared about. After the PIP with Company B (mine) was met he needed to send any new bills to Company P (the other drivers). I was assured that everything was in order and things were going well. After about 16 months my migraines and back pain had cleared up again and I was going to go back to maintenance care on my own dime.  I spoke with Dr C and told him I was going to set up an appointment with Company P to officially close the claim and move on with my life. He said he would send the final bill and I should be good to close the claim.  I called their office two days before my appointment with Company P and verified that the bill had been sent and paid. I was told that it was. I closed the claim and figured all was well.

Fast forward a month. I got a call from Dr C's new office assistant asking me to pay in full on my account. Color me confused, I thought that was taken care of. I explained to her that the bill should have been paid by Company P due to the accident. I told her the claim with them was in fact closed. She told me there must have been a mistake, she was going to talk to Dr C and have him call me. A few hours later Dr C called me. He told me there had been a mistake with my paperwork. His wife had come in to do some work and had sent the final bill to Company B and not Company P. The mistake had only just been noticed. (Rather I'd pointed it our when his new receptionist called me.) He was going to call Company P and see if they could get it sorted out. I decided not to make any appointments with them until this was sorted out.

I got a call a month after that from the receptionist again about the balance on my account. I informed her in no uncertain terms that I would not be paying a single dime for their mistake and if they reported me to a collection company I would be calling a lawyer. Their unprofessionality had caused this and I would not be paying for it. I would also be finding a new doctor. thank you and good bye.

I recently found out that Dr M. has split his practice with Dr C. because of things like this. Apparently my paperwork was not the only mistake made by Dr C's wife and Dr M has had enough. I was invited back my Dr M. who assures me that everything would be taken care of in a professional manner but I think they would just be awkward. 

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