lizbett (lizbett) wrote in bad_service,

Day at the dentist

Just had to get this off my chest - I went to see the dentist today, because I'm getting a dental implant and the screw fell out. If you need context - from my (very) basic understanding, a screw is placed into the bone and then a crown on top - so if the screw comes out, the gums starts healing and you have to recreate the hole (similar to an earring hole healing over). The screw fell out 3 days ago but I wasn't able to come in because it was the weekend.

First - appointment at 10, they open at 9 - at 9:50, no one's there. The dentist and two assistants pull up at 10:00. This is fine, I don't really care.

Second - as he tries to expand the gums, he waits fifteen-twenty minutes each (twice) to let me rest. This is great - I was on my phone, but during the whole process he makes and takes at least one or two phone calls throughout the entire process. I understand not wanting to waste time sitting around, but it just gave me a weird feeling.

Third - this process is pretty painful. I flinch involuntarily, but I don't complain because I try not to. Throughout the whole process, he constantly says "Don't cry!", "You're not going to cry, are you?", and similar remarks that make me a little uncomfortable.

Finally - I don't really care about any of the other parts, but as he's expanding it the furthest - which honestly is incredibly painful, a tear or two involuntarily springs into to my eyes and he says - "This is all because you let the screw fall out".

Okay. I wasn't given any guidelines, and from cursory googling this does seem to happen. English wasn't his first language, so I know this might be his attempt at reassuring me, but I'm already not the hugest fan of the dentist and the image of him in my face screwing something into my gums and saying this is all my fault was a little traumatizing.

I probably wouldn't go back to him if I had a choice, but I started the implant process with him (through a referral) so.. I'm just going to pull through. Still, now that my jaw really, really hurts, I wanted to rant a little. Thanks!

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