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Habitat for Humanity

We are remodeling our kitchen. We decided to give everything out of our old kitchen to Habitat for Humanity. I'm talking quite a few thousand dollars worth of goods all in working order: cabinets, granite counter tops, microwave, cooktop, double ovens, dishwasher, etc.

I had an appointment for them to pick up the stuff at 1:30 today. It's now 2:00, so I called to find out what their ETA is. The person at the restore got snide with me and told me that they'd pick up when they could. I said that was fine and dandy, but I couldn't wait all afternoon for them. I asked for a more specific time than "when they could." She gave me the cell of the truck driver.

I call the truck driver, and he tells me, "Oh, yeah, we decided to put someone else ahead of you because she had a tight schedule." I explained that I cannot wait all afternoon either and that I was scheduled for 1:30. Driver said, at 2:00 mind you, that he still had half an hour more work to do and then had to drop the stuff off at the warehouse before coming here. I asked when he thought he could be here. He said maybe an hour. I told him that would be fine, but that I couldn't wait much longer than that. I also told him that I was disappointed that I had to call him in order to find out that he would be an hour and a half later than my appointment. He gave it, "I'll come when I can." No apology.

So I guess this bad service comes with a question (will post to bad_service and TQC). If they aren't here by 3:30 or so which would be half an hour later than the hour they just told me and 2 hours later than my appointment, should I call them and cancel the pick up? I'm sure there are tons of other charities that would love a complete kitchen that will be slightly more grateful for the donation. Thoughts?

Edit: They showed up just before 4. I hope that somebody who needs a kitchen gets one and can cook in good health for a long time to come.
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