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Unforgivably Shitty University Email Service at Moo U

Like everybody else here, I have a University email account...and today, for the fourth time, I've had an urgent and important email from an employer/prospective employer/HR person simply disappear into the ether without a trace. I double- and triple-checked everything--my inbox, my spam file, my trash: zip, zero and zilch. I'm probably lucky to even have a job at this rate, seeing as how "But I never got your email!" looks fully as pathetic and dishonest as "My dog ate my homework!"

I've gone from "will never quite trust Moo U email again" to "will never use Moo U email for anything important again if I can help it." Though I'm not sure what good it will do, because these people are all Moo U faculty and staff, so they'll be using their university accounts to communicate with me anyway.

ETA: I've just spoken to the university's IT people, whose final, ever-so-helpful answer was "Our email is routed through Gmail and is basically Gmail dressed up in Moo U colors, so you can...uh, maybe take it up with God Google?"
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