Silence (silent_fire) wrote in bad_service,

Minor annoyance

Dear FastTrac gas station,

Don't worry. I won't make the mistake of pulling up to one of your lit-up pumps and getting ready to pump gas into my car, after seeing a reasonable gas price on your giant lit-up sign next to the road, again.

Your employee's decision to inform me that the station was closed by switching off only the pump I'd pulled up to (the other three were still asking if a customer wanted to pay inside or out as I left), and then open the door and yell "We're closed! We're closed" repeatedly, as if I'd somehow made a mistake by trying to get gas there, has ensured that I will go to the gas station half a mile down the road instead in the future.

For your consideration, may I suggest the following options to inform customers that you've closed in the future?

- Turn off the giant lit-up sign by the road.
- Turn off the bright lights over the gas pumps.
- Turn off the gas pumps when you close, instead of waiting until a customer has pulled up, gotten out of the card with their credit card, and is ready to pump gas.
- Have your employee say "I'm sorry, we had to close early", "I'm sorry, we're closed now", or something reasonably polite instead of just yelling at customers.
- Put some sort of sign up on the gas pumps which customers can see when they pull up.
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