the troitzky line (disettes) wrote in bad_service,
the troitzky line

For about a year until this August I had been a member at one of those beauty box online companies that have come into fad lately. A company ships you a box of stuff for 19.99 every month, you don't get to choose the items but usually get themed sets. I'd spent the last year on medical leave from school and while I worked full-time, all I had to pay was rent and I got very good quality products for cheaper than retail pricing, so I was happy.

But I went back to school this year and had to start paying that, my little sister has college application expenses to pay for, and I decided it was a non-necessary item that needed to be cut. I called to cancel my account, and despite the sales rep heavily pressuring me to stay on (I didn't mind at the time, I'm sure they train them to be that aggressive about losing customers, I've worked retail), I had my account canceled. And I didn't get charged for the first month after that.

This month however I logged on to check my bank statement a few days ago and there's a 19.99 charge from the company in question. I email them because I assume it's a mistake, they email back saying that I'm listed as an active member who had requested only a monthly skip in my billing and expressed interest in continuing to be a member past that.

Uh, no. That is the exact opposite of what I said, and as I go back and forth with the support team on email about whether I really said "no" for good or not, I'm starting to wonder if their touted security reason for not accepting cancellation by email is actually so that they can't have you on record contradicting their line for cases like these.

So it's my word vs their word and they finally agree to cancel my account again but they refuse to refund me. I say I'll ship the box back to them for a refund, and they say they can't accept that.  I verify again that my account was canceled for good this time. "We can't permanently cancel you, but we'll put you on skip for next month, and you have to log in each month after that and manually skip each one."

Are you kidding me.
I'm calling them Monday because this is unbelievable.

ETA: literally been unable to get anyone on the phone. i've left like 3 irate voicemails. no one is answering my emails. thank u SO MUCH to whomever posted the link to their bbb complaints and everyone who suggested telling my bank not to authorize payments--i'm doing the latter first thing tomorrow morning and dragging the former information into the fight tomorrow to see if that will get them to perk up and take notice.
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