philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

I'm not entirely sure whether this is bad service. I'm more asking advice. I didn't think it was bad service, but then I was told by someone else it was.

So, this is the continuation of the medical saga.

The severe pain I was in meant that I was basically incapable of doing anything for a few days, and pretty weak and exhausted for some days after that. Now, our school housing department has really strict rules about cleanliness. They have random inspections, and if things aren't clean you get written up. More than a couple times having a problem, and they kick you out.

Now, I admit that I'm not the world's cleanest person, and we've had issues in our apartment a few times. The other person living with me and I had been keeping up with it, though, since we really didn't want to get kicked out. However, while I was in pain I wasn't able to do so, and they had one of these random inspections.

Since this was the third time, they are telling me that unless I provide medical documentation, I will be kicked out. I was going to go ahead and do this, but the medical records person at the hospital told me that they can't require the kind of documentation they are asking for because it requires showing them my records, and they can't require that.

I'm a little confused. I'd rather not if I don't have to since the reason for the pain is rather personal, but I certainly don't want to get kicked out. Is this something I should fight, or should I just go along with it?

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