nmgirl98 (nmgirl98) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Mr. Manager,

When I asked to speak with you, it wasn't because of our waitress. She was doing a wonderful job for us and was on her way to a very nice tip.

Instead of hauling her behind the bar and yelling at her because she got you out of your office (and away from all the porn on your computer), you should have shut your mouth and opened your ears. Then you would have learned that the reason I wanted to speak to you was due to the amount of ROACHES in the backhall way by the bathrooms.

As someone who eats out about once a week, I visit all sorts of restaurants. I have *NEVER* seen such a horrible display of worker treatment. I was embarrassed for the young lady. It is obvious that you do not know how to treat your employees.

Having said that, I will let your district management and headquarters know how awful you were today. If that young lady was fired (and I'll check to see), there will be hell to pay. (She is my neighbor's granddaughter, by the way.)

A disgruntled dinner.

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