narryaworry (narryaworry) wrote in bad_service,

St. Francis Hospital

I lived in Poughkeepsie New York for two years for school, I have not lived there for about 8 months now.  During my time there I ended up in St. Francis Hospital's ER twice, once in 2011 for an UTI and once in 2013 for a suspected broken hand.  Their ER staff were great, I have no issue with them as I was helped quickly and kindly.  Their billing department can suck it.  Their website lists them as being in network for my insurance, my insurance's website lists them as being in network, I would assume that means I am in network.  Apparently each doctor has their own insurance companies that are in network for that are outside what the hospital takes and excludes some companies that the hospital takes.  Because that makes sense.  So color me surprised when I suddenly got a bill for $800 for my hand that should have been covered.  After some run around it was figured out what happened and my insurance company paid the bill because there was absolutely no way for me to know that I was going out of network and could not be held responsible for the hospital not informing me of the discrepancy in their network coverage.

Two months after the bill was paid, I received a collections notice because my $800 bill was not paid.  Um, no, I have proof of payment.  I ended up spending two more months getting them to first acknowledge that they received payment, that took the insurance company threatening them, and then getting them to actually confirm to the collections agency that they illegally sent me to collections.  I assumed that there was no more issue and went about my life while trying to get my credit score fixed from this debacle.  On Friday I received another collections notification.  For the UTI in 2011's copay.  That I paid while in office.  I have proof of payment and never received any form of bill stating that I hadn't paid my copay in the two years it has been since I saw them.  These people are seriously screwing up my credit score over paid bills.  Do not go to St. Francis' if you find yourself in need of the ER while in Poughkeepsie, they will screw your credit score to hell in a way that I'm pretty damn sure is illegal.

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