jeweledvixen (jeweledvixen) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Hair Day

It's been way too long since I had my hair cut and colored, so I went to my usual salon this morning to get it done. They don't take appointments and if you want a certain stylist, you will have to wait until she is free, so I just always sign in and take the first stylist that's free.

I saw on FB a picture of a woman who had the hair around and above her ear cut very short, perhaps 1/2 inch. The rest was probably 4 inches long. I always like to do funky things with my hair, so I wanted my hair cut like this.

I got a stylist I had never had before and we discussed what color I wanted. Then she put the color on and while she did, I described in detail how I wanted it cut. I specifically said that I wanted it no more than 1/2 inch long around my left ear. I also told her I wanted a duck tail in the back, like I usually have. That means the hair is cut so it comes together in the middle like the feathers on a duck's tail.

I need to say here that I wear glasses and cannot see a thing without them. Of course, I had to take them off for both the color and the cut.

The color was perfect. However, the hair around my left ear is at least two inches long and the back of my hair on the nape of my neck is flipped up like she had used a curling iron on it, which she did not do. The rest of my hair just hangs limp and, overall, it looks like I got my hair cut at by a cosmetology student on her first day cutting hair. I plan on going back Sunday or Monday and getting them to fix it. She won't be there, so hopefully I'll get someone who listens and can cut it correctly.

The kicker is that I was looking them up on the internet yesterday to get their phone number so I could ask about pricing. The site I found let you review the business and I gave them a glowing review. Joke's on me.
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