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Small Annual Banking Suck

I have a bank safety deposit box which has an annual fee. Horrible Bank mails me a statement every year that instructs me to make my payment at the branch where my box is. I do not live near this bank anymore and it would take about an hour to go to this branch via public transportation.

Every year I call the oh so helpful customer service number for the bank and have pretty much the same conversation.

HB: Horrible Bank, how may we help you?

Me: I explain I don't live near the branch and ask where I can mail the payment.

HB: Which bank do you have your box at?

Me: The payment request does not have a branch name or address, but it is on the corner of State & Main.

HB:  Here's the number for our bank at State and Park.

Me: No, that's not the right bank.

HB: Well you can go into any of our branches and pay.

Me: I'd like to mail my payment.

HB: Where do you live, and I'll find you the nearest branch.

Me: I'm not going to any of your branches. I'd like to mail my check to your processing center.

HB: (Audible sigh....clicks on computer). You can mail the check to this address - and finally provides an address.

Hello! It's 2013, I haven't been inside a bank in at least 10 years, including the bank I actually have accounts with. I set up this box 20+ years ago, and its got a few documents that I probably will never need to access.  And yes, I would move it closer if there was anywhere near me that had tiny boxes at reasonable prices.

Every other bank seems to love auto debit/electronic transfer, but at Horrible Bank their idea of service is to waste my time running to their bank to pay a $35 annual fee that could be sent electronically or at worst snail mail.
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