Rachel (vulturoso) wrote in bad_service,

Comcast. As always. SSDD.

Comcast is seriously just the worst. I don't fault their techs for doing their jobs, but the company policy has got to change from constantly hounding customers for promotions.

A couple months ago, my boyfriend and I called Comcast about our recent spotty service. The technician solved our problem and told my boyfriend that we should sign up for a promotion they had going, where we would pay less than we're paying now. She promised over and over it would be less. If you can see where this is going, the promotion made the monthly service less, but Comcast went ahead and charged us retro fees for the promotion, increasing our bill by almost $100 in charges for the months included in the promotion that we didn't have. Basically, if we signed up in July, they charged us for June and May as well. It was bullshit, so we called to have those charges reversed. Horrible policy ensued, and we reduced our monthly use to internet ONLY.

We don't use cable, or phone. We both have cell phones and anything we want to watch we use our gaming consoles or computers for Netflix, Hulu, etc. We are not interested in having cable or having extra equipment here that becomes a hassle because we're not going to use it. Cannot emphasize this enough. Seems reasonable, right?

Recently, we've had more unreliable service for whatever reason, so I called a Comcast tech today to see what they can do. Turn out, nothing. Ugh. Whatever. The rep tells me that, to make up for the sub-par service we've received, he'll set us up with a promotion that will bring our bill down from $80/month to $60/month by getting a cable box. I reply, "No, we've been through this kind of thing before and we were overcharged a significant amount. We don't watch television and don't need a cable box". The tech responds with, "I completely understand. What I'm going to do is sign you up for the promotion and send you the cable box. You don't have to use it".

Fucking excuse you? I'm entirely fed up with this shit service and shit promotion overkill. I hung up. They called back three times. I don't know where to go from here.
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