usagi (usagiweaver) wrote in bad_service,

Car Repairmen SUCK

So I get an appointment to take my car into the dealership because my 'check engine' light is on. I take it to the dealership because I still have an extended warranty and on the off chance whatever it is was covered. I go there dutifully, wait my hour for the machine to diagnose my car's particular dilemma. I'm told that it's a sensor that tells the engine how rich or lean to make the gas mixture and that they have one in stock. But it isn't covered by the warranty. It'll cost $200 and take another couple hours. Okay. At least it isn't the dollar amount I was steeling myself for which was WAY more than that.

I sit around with my Ipod and knitting and get half the ribbing for a new hat knit. My car is pronounced fixed and I am sent on my merry way.

I go home, gather the clan, and we have lunch at our favorite restaurant. Then we go uptown for some shopping and come home. Later on, I need to take a video back and get some groceries. Half a mile from my house I notice... the damn 'CHECK ENGINE' LIGHT'S BACK ON!!! And my car's acting wonky.

I call the dealership only to be told the service department had closed ten minutes prior and to call them back this morning at 8am. Great. There goes MY being able to sleep in today. So I get up and call.

"Um... we only do oil changes on Saturdays"

*bzzt* Sorry... WRONG ANSWER!!!

So I forcefully explain the details of my dilemma. The person on the phone says "You can bring it in and we can scan it but we won't be able to do anything until Tuesday." To which I replied, "If it's just the new part that needs adjustment, you COULD do that today, right?" The service guy said "Oh yeah. We could do that."

So I grab my Ipod, knitting bag and purse. Ransack the Mr's wallet for cash so I can drive through Scooters for a mocha and a muffin. Then I'm merrily on my way. (/sarcasm)

I go in. I sit and knit for an hour. Ribbing's almost done now. The guy comes in to tell me what the problem is. Get this... THERE WAS A LOOSE WIRE that SHORTED OUT the BRAND NEW PART that they'd JUST INSTALLED.

So they fixed the wiring and now have to order a new part. They will call me when it comes in... sometime... maybe Tuesday.

Oh... oh... the kicker. The guy tells me the car's okay to drive between now and then and that the 'check engine' light probably won't even come back on. So I'm entering the highway to go home and what blinks on all bright and yellow? You got it! The 'check engine' light. I uttered a few expletives after that.

I almost feel like turning into an entitlement bitch when I take it back. I should ask "What are you going to do for me to compensate me for MY TIME and YOUR ERROR!"
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