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In which hygiene is not a priority.

I work for a Mexican-style restaurant that is very similar to Subway in that customers choose an entree and then follow down the line as we personalize their order (por ejemplo: white or brown rice?/black or pinto beans?/etc.).

Printed at the bottom of all receipts is a prompt requesting customers to access the website provided and supply feedback on their experience in the store.

Our most recent complaint states that a female standing at the line waiting to take a customer's order sneezed directly into her gloved hand...

...and then continued to wait for the customer's order.

Yes. With a glove coated in bodily fluids, she proceeded to assemble food orders; spreading those fluids to every surface/item she touched.

I'm not sure if the complaint came from the customer she was waiting on, or someone who simply witnessed it, or what.

I only know this because the store's GM has a huuuuge mouth and serious lack of professionalism, so I could hear her in the office telling anther supervisor from my spot on the food-line, and if I could hear them that clearly, I'm sure the customers could, too.

A few days later, a supervisor (we shall call her: SA) and co-worker were gloved and waiting for a family to order while I observed from the register. Without warning (we're trained to announce departure from the line to ensure someone is always ready to take care of a customer's needs), SA walked off to the drink station in the lobby, dispensed ice chips into her (gloved) hands and proceeded to shove them in her mouth.

Who can guess what occurred next?

YES. SA returned to the food-line (no hand-washing, no changing of her gloves) and helped assemble this family's order.</div>
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