philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

And the bad service continues. When I went to the ER, they told me to go to my regular doctor if I needed a refill on the pain killers, as they were only giving me a few days worth and didn't want to write me a refill if I didn't need it. Understandable.

So, this morning I went back to the school clinic. Only the doctor I saw this time wasn't as awesome. She said, in her words, that she didn't believe in "giving narcotics for cramps". She was annoyed that the ER had given me the prescription. She told me that I should be taking 800 ibuprofen every 8 hours, and that would work. Even though I already told her that was what I had done yesterday when I ran out of the narcotic and it hadn't helped any.

So now I'm back to agonizing pain and nothing I can do about it.
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