faithfulenemy (faithfulenemy) wrote in bad_service,

Worst service I've ever received.

This happened about a year ago.

Boyfriend and I decide to go out for dinner at a very popular burger place. We're seated, given menus and told our waiter will be right with us. We wait a few minutes deciding what to eat and then our waiter Joe approaches us. He introduces himself and asks if we'd been there before. We tell him not this location specifically. He then says, "Well we're the best so everyone else can suck a big one." That comment annoyed me and I found it very inappropriate and unprofessional but I was like whatever, I'm hungry, it's not a huge deal, he probably just wants to look good to get a tip. He takes our drink orders and when he returns with them we place our burger orders. We end up waiting a little longer than preferred but that's never been a big deal for me, they were pretty busy after all. Finally he comes back with the food, tells us to ask if we need anything else, and takes off. That's when things go bad.

My boyfriend needs a fork for his coleslaw and that's when we notice we didn't get any utensils at all. We look around for Joe who's nowhere to be found. Finally he shows up, and walks right past our table! He sits down a few tables away and starts talking to this guy about his summer, what clubs they hit up and what girls he hooked up with. I was very peeved at this point. A good 15 minutes pass, with him looking over at us but not coming over to take care of us.

The waitress at the table over notices our annoyed stances and asks if we need anything. I tell her we need a fork since our waiter can't do his job. She fetches us a fork and goes over to Joe and tells him loudly, "you really need to stop socializing, you have customers to take care of. Cut the sh*t". He realizes at this point he may get in trouble so he comes over and starts being overly polite, calling us sir and ma'am and basically kissing ass. My boyfriend asks for another basket of fries since they're free. When he comes back, he asks my boyfriend "Wow you ate a lot, no offense but how much have you ever eaten in one sitting?!" My mouth dropped open in shock. I couldn't believe how rudely he was speaking. My boyfriend gave me a weird look and Joe went on to brag about how he won a pancake eating contest one time.


He leaves again and we continue to eat our meal. We need drink refills and Joe is nowhere to be found. We wait 15-20 minutes before the other super nice waitress comes over and gets our drinks and checks for us. I am fuming at this point and just want to get out of there. We sit for a couple minutes finishing our drinks, pay for our meal but not before motioning over the waitress and tipping her a good amount. Not only did she take care of us when we were not her table to serve, she was also servicing five other tables at once. You could tell she'd been having a rough night and was also pissed at Joe, so that put a smile on her face.

As for Joe, he never returned. My boyfriend left him a penny for a tip and I filed a complaint as soon as I got home. The manager called me a few days later apologizing for the bad service and offered free meals.

I wonder if Joe still works there as we've not been back.
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