RenishaS (renishas) wrote in bad_service,

Crimson Canary acts like a birdbrain.

So after a three day convention marathon my husband and I decide to drive to one of our favorite burger chains so we didn't have to cook. We get in, get seated, (at one of the worst tables but it's Saturday night so whatever) and order drinks and an app right off the bat. Waiter brings us out drinks and asks if we'd like onion rings or spinach dip to get started. Color me confused, I thought we'd already ordered an app. He checks his pad. Yep, written down, zucchini sticks, just a habit I guess. We order our burgers. My husband gets his favorite burger with the fried egg on top in a gluten free bun with avocado. I despise tomato so I get my cheeseburger without and I add bacon I ask for ranch to go with my fries.

The burgers come out in a timely manner for a Saturday night but The Husband is missing Avocado. I open my burger to discover two tomatoes and no bacon. We flag the waiter, he did write down the changes but the kitchen wasn't paying attention; he takes my burger. He gets avocado for The Husband. The egg on top is very under-cooked but The Husband doesn't care and eats it anyway. My burger comes back. They removed the tomato and added the bacon. They did not make a new burger. The tomatoes were very ripe and had shed tomato seeds all over the lettuce. All I could taste was tomato. I informed him that I didn't want to be a pain in the ass but the burger tasted awful. He says he'll get them to make me a new one. I say that's fine I'll eat the fries, can I get some ranch?

The waiter brings me a new burger and right away I can see tomato, still no bacon. I try to laugh, but come on, this is the third complaint about the burger. The waiter says he should have checked it but he didn't think they'd mess it up again. I tell him to just take it off and I'll get something at home but he's walked off with my burger and I don't know if he was listening. I guess I'll eat my husband's fries, plain, because I never got ranch. The manager comes over and tells me he's sorry about the food. They got a new menu two weeks ago (It's the same burger I've been ordering for three years but okay...) and the kitchen is still 'adjusting' he tells me they'll take off both of the burgers I had made. Do we want a brownie on the house. I ask if the brownie has walnuts (my husband is allergic) he tells me he has no idea, maybe...probably, actually all of their deserts probably have walnuts. He says something dismissive and wanders off. I have no idea what he said or if he's coming back.

I finally get my burger. It's made correctly, yay! I eat about a fourth (I filled up on fries), and get a couple of boxes. We get the check, pay and leave. The manager never did return.

I actually really like this chain but holy cow! I guess I have to find a new location.
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