charuby (charuby) wrote in bad_service,

Marie Curie Cancer Care, fuck you

About 8-9 months ago, I was collared by a Marie Curie chugger. He seemed nice enough so I thought I'd give him my details and pay a little towards the charity. About two months later, I got a phonecall from the charity. My boyfriend and I had just got our own place by this point and we were struggling, so I decided not to donate after all. I was on the phone for about fifteen minutes with him, and I repeatedly said no thanks. He whittled the donations down to just £2 a month. Again, I said no thanks, I really wasn't intested. He asked me why and I said that my partner and I had got our own place and we really couldn't afford to donate to a charity at this time. He asked me if I would consider it for the future. I told him no, sorry. He thanked me for my time and told me that he'd cross my name from their records. No one would ever contact me again. Good! Hoorah!

Now, months ago, I had another unfortunate encounter with an aggressive and extremely pushy female chugger, for the same charity. That left a pretty sour taste in my mouth, so my impressions of this charity went down even further. I didn't give out my number.

Last night, at just before 9pm, I got a call from the charity again. The guy who phoned me before all those months ago did not cross my name from the records after all. In fact, he blatantly lied, and must have said that I didn't wish to donate last time because it was a bad time. The guy who phoned me up THIS time told me that I'd told them last time that I wished to be contacted at another date, and that he was taking up those instructions.

NOPE. I remained civil and just told him that I did not wish to donate, sorry about that, and I put the phone down.

I just... my God. Never have I hated a charity more than this one. Now, I'm all for charities but this one has left a REALLY sour taste in my mouth.
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