Riley Masters (hikarunokite) wrote in bad_service,
Riley Masters

Witnessed Bad Service

Because I was running a bit late today, I stopped at my university's Subway for a quick bite. As I was ordering, I noticed a younger student walk in, looking really confused. She walked up to the register just before I got there.

Her: *with a rather thick accent and broken English* Excuse me, may I-
Cashier: Back of the line!
Her: Um... But?
Cashier: You don't order here! Back of the line!

The cashier than turned and ignored the girl, instead focusing on the gentleman that was right in front of me. The girl stepped back, so I quietly asked her if she had ever been to a Subway before. She shook her head no. I whispered to her how to order, and she thanked me and headed for the back of the line.

When it was my turn to pay, the cahier started making fun of her, commenting that it's obvious how to order here, and that girl (spoken with venom) should learn before making a fool of herself and cutting people off. I gave the cashier a hard look and said that apparently she had never been to a Subway before, and she should watch what she says. I paid and stormed out.

I know that people will make rude comments about customers, but never in front of people! It really bothered me, especially considering the fact that my university has a very large number of international students. It wasn't what I was expecting to hear when I got here, that's for sure.

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