Stephanie (sestree) wrote in bad_service,

The previous post reminded me of our comcast fun n games

So we've had comcast cable and internet since 2001.  We've had regular boxes and digital boxes both but that is it - no DVRs.

We decided to change our service to FIOS.  Fine.

We turn in our equipment and get a receipt.  Fine.

I even ask - IS THAT EVERYTHING? (thinking just in case ya know) Nope all good.

Wait for it ............  nope.  Husband starts getting calls while I am at work. Return our equipment blah blah blah.  Each time he tries to explain we did return everything they said yeah sure fine all good then CALL AGAIN.  Call catch him and nag about returning equipment we never even had.  Call and leave voicemails about returning equipment.  It was all pretty upsetting for him since when he gets upset (parkinsons) he stutters and that makes it more difficult to hold phone conversations.  Didn't matter - call call call call call.

Unfortunately for them they caught me the last time they called.  I'll admit this runs right into customer suck territory but it was the final straw and I was ticked.  Did the whole go around again - no DVRs never have had DVRs etc etc.  Then asked them if they wished to speak with our lawyer and a rep from the ADA next time they called to harass my husband (who is disabled - yeah I hate playing that card but I also don't like him being upset either) for equipment we didn't even have.  No really it would be MY PLEASURE.  Can we schedule that next call for a conference call?  No not necessary?  OK gee thank you very much and yes have a nice day.

Whaddya know?  no more phone calls.

tldr; comcast calls says give back equipment, we say we did, they say ok, lather rinse repeat the next day

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