wickedkatze (wickedkatze) wrote in bad_service,

Comcast? More like InCompetentcast.

I've been dealing with Comcast on behalf of some clients at work, and damn, have they managed to screw things up.

Basically, how we handle client utility/cable/etc. bills is that the bill arrives at our office, we split it up properly between clients, write checks from each of their accounts for their portion (we are a representative payee organization) and then add a portion paid by the company to cover the expenses of our live-in staff.

This particular house has three residents and one staff; therefore four checks are included with each payment. The following things have happened with their account over the last few months:

1) Back in May (?) the company check and one of the client checks apparently disappeared into the void, because neither of them were either cashed nor applied to the bill. In this case we had to mark the checks as void in our system and write new ones for that portion, since there was no way of proving we'd ever sent them in the first place.

2) About a month later, I'm going through the bank statements and realize that the checks we thought had gotten lost HAD been cashed - but several weeks later than the others for some reason. Because of this, they hadn't shown up on the correct bill cycle and we got slapped with a late fee.

3) Recently, we got a disconnect notice for this house. After doing some detective work, it became apparent that once again, Comcast hadn't applied the full amount of our payment to the bill - only this time, we had hard evidence that all four of the checks cleared the bank on the same day. And yet somehow, only two of them ever actually got to the bill. What's more, while I was chatting with the Comcast representative, it became apparent that they'd done this two months in a row, for both the July and August statements. So now we have FOUR checks that have obviously cleared the bank and yet not been applied.

What makes this stranger still is that it appears that one of the "missing" checks was somehow applied to a bill from a completely different house! Which creates a complete clusterfuck for the financial department, as we've no way of knowing whose check that was, and therefore whose portion of the bill the credit should apply to when this gets resolved.

I've gotten on their case enough today that they've opened an investigation ticket and extended the due date to keep our clients from being disconnected - the person I chatted with was certainly not part of the bad service - but...really, Comcast? How do you continue to screw something up this badly? None of our other houses have had this many issues!

tl;dr Comcast fails to properly process checks on multiple occasions, leading to a surprise disconnect notice.

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