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i think the ice cream was melting in front of me as i was waiting

so i was running some errands and i went to an ice cream place...its similar to coldstone in which they mix in the toppings into the actual ice cream.  i walk in and theres a family of 4 in front of me, and then another 2 girls and then me. i debate on whether i wanna stay in the line because i'm by myself and just don't feel liek standing around. however, i see 3 girls behind the counter so i figure it won't take too long.
as i stand there i notive that out of the three girls that are standing behind the counter only ONE is waiting on all of the customers.  one kept going into the backroom and it looked as though she was makin some ice cream cakes for the upcoming weekend, which is fine and understandable.  however, this other girl was dawdling about as if she couldnt find anything to do. i waited for about 20 minutes for a stupid ice cream. (because each person in front of me got ice cream and mixed somethin into to it, so each ice cream took a few minutes to make) the girl who WAS actually doing HER JOB was very kind and apologized to me for the long wait, and it wasnt really her fault for there wasnt much she could do. finally some lady came in after me and approached the girl who was not doing anything and said "can you help me or..." and the girl looked up as if deer in the headlights and was like "oh...uhh yah, um what can i get you" like HELLO!? do you not see your coworker frantically trying to get ice cream for 7 people?!? ive worked in places and when its busy everyone drops everythin (including ice cream cake maker) to help get the rush down and then proceed to what they are doing.
just annoying. its summer. and an ice cream place. lets face it, its going to be crowded. get more help if you need it!

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