philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

I live in Boston, and I've taken the train to visit my sister in Rochester, NY several times. Normally the trip takes 11 hours, and I get in at 11 PM. Last night, though, we were three hours late. I did not get in until 2 AM. There was a bunch of construction between Albany and Utica.

That is not the bad service. They can't help that. However, the construction was not new. It clearly had gone up earlier than the last day or two. Therefore, Amtrak new about it. However, they did not chose to inform customers about it. Up until yesterday morning, the website was still saying 11 hours for the trip. In fact, I've looked it up, and the travel time for that train for the next month is still listed as 11 hours. They have a list of service and passenger notices on the website, and this is still not included on it.

No one on the train informed us that we would be late either until after Utica. And at that point, they told us they were going to make up the time. Which they didn't. There were no announcements after that. No one had any idea how late we were. Not only is this frustrating for passengers, it is even worse for the people waiting at the other end to pick up passengers.
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