Kirsty (aphrael) wrote in bad_service,

Etsy Woes

On the 19th of July, I ordered a glass fox charm necklace from Etsy. The seller immediately messaged me and said that she'd just gotten an order for 20 of them from Australia, so it would be about a week before she could get around to mine, and would that be ok? I said that it would, because hey, these things happen.

Fast forward 11 days, no word from her, so I send her a polite message and ask how the fox is coming along. She replied on the 31st and said that she'd sent it off last week, but said that she lived on an island and that USPS can be a bit slow there. Alarm bells starting ringing for me because Alameda is a) barely an island, it's connected to neighbouring cities by bridges and roads, and b) it's about a 20 minute drive from me. So I was a bit concerned, because it should really only take a day, or two at the most, to reach me. So I replied and said that I didn't live far from her at all, so hopefully it wouldn't take long.

On the 4th of August, I still hadn't received the fox, so I contacted her again and let her know and asked if she had a tracking number for it. No reply. On the 7th of August, I contacted her again and asked again for a tracking number and stated that I would appreciate a response. No reply, so on the 9th of August, I opened an "Item Not Received" dispute on Etsy. Lo and behold, on the 10th of August, Saturday, she replies to my messages, saying she knows it was terrible customer service, but as she'd said with the baby and everything she hadn't had time to shut down her shop. She had never before said anything to me about a baby, so I was quite confused - had she just had one? Was she currently pregnant? Who knows. She also said that she was "rehospitalised" (didn't know she had been in the first place) and now her internet was spotty. She did not supply a tracking number, simply said she could send another one out or refund me. Then she replied to the dispute case and said that since she lived so close, she could come and deliver it to me that day.
Silly me, I said this would be fine and gave her my mobile number, asking her to text me before she left so I could make sure I was home. I didn't hear from her again the whole weekend, either by phone or email, and no fox necklace appeared.

Should I just ask for a refund and cut my losses at this point? It really is a super adorable fox necklace, and I really want it, but this is getting ridiculous.
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