Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

Bad cashier day D:

Three small sucks...

Went to Wal*Mart and while waiting in the express lane I spot the Mountain Dew Voltage (yum) 2/$3 and decide to get two (normally we would've gotten one to share but it was on sale). When cashing out, it rang up as $1.88 each, but some places the discounts come off after they hit total and such, so I just asked the cashier to verify it had come up as 2/$3.

Her: Ya, ya, ya, it'll come off after. (I assume she meant, when you get the bill, it'll show "Saved: X.xx" despite what the price displayed while ringing up).
Me: Okay, just checking :)

We pay for it and check the receipt, lo and behold there are two Mountain Dew charges for $1.88 each, no 2/$3.

So, I had the lovely time waiting in line for 30 minutes or so to get the difference refunded and to let her supervisor know she lied :(
Edit: I feel she lied/brushed me off. I told her supervisor exactly what happened (ie. verbatim what was said and done) and her supervisor told me she would be spoken to so hopefully she won't brush off anyone again. :)

Later, we're checking out of a smaller grocery store, Foody Mart. Paying by debit card, I insert the chip but the display tells me "Not accepted, please swipe" so I do, but I guess there's an error and so it shows up declined. I have no idea (blissfully expecting everything to be fine, so maybe sucky on my part there), the cashier turns around (she was previously faced away from us, looking at the other lines-- I guess waiting for the receipt to print? IDK) and shouts: HELLO!

My husband and I are stunned for a moment, confused and wondering why she's shouting. For a second I think maybe she's trying to tell us to move on, but we are waiting for our receipt. Then thirty seconds after she shouts hello, she shouts: DECLINED!

We exchange looks, because obviously we weren't expecting it. (Husband thinks it has something to do with swiping when we should've done the chip, but hey, I was following the prompts!) So she says, this time quieter: try again, yes please, try again.

So we do, and everything goes smoothly but I can't help but think what might've happened if there was an actual problem -- nobody needs to shout about someone's card being declined :(

Finally, we went to another grocery store: Bestco. We checked out, everything was smooth until the cashier was bagging things and realized she punched in the wrong code for an item. She went to cancel the payment, but the debit transaction already went through. She punched in the right code this time and it turns out it was about 1.25 difference. No big, these things happen, so we go to pay with debit again, because we don't have any cash (well we had .80 between us and when she saw that she just kinda.. scoffed? I guess that's what I would call the sound she made? IDK), and she won't accept it. She insists we have to pay by cash because they'll be charged .25 for the transaction. Now, I know it sucks, but it was her error and we were willing to pay in a form they accept (there's no notices posted debit transactions must be above $X or a fee will apply, or anything-- infact we didn't even have the option to pay the .25 fee they would incur). My husband had to run out of the store to go looking for a bank machine to pay for the difference because she didn't want the company to lose .25?

It was just an overall bizarre experience with multiple cashiers today.
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