Betsy (messiebessie) wrote in bad_service,

childcare frustration

Dear babysitter,

I realize you're not a business or anything, but I do pay you to watch my kids, so a little more professionalism would be appreciated. People get sick, I get it. And thank you for being so concerned about spreading your germs to my kiddos. But you know what would be great? Maybe giving me a call at a reasonable time, instead of calling an hour before you're supposed to get here claiming that you've been "sick all week" and won't be able to come over. What the hell, dude?! If you've really been sick for as long as you say, why wouldn't you have called me sooner? Yesterday, maybe? Hell, even this morning would've given me plenty of time. Now I'm left scrambling to find a new sitter at a moment's notice.

Between this and all the other crap you've pulled on me, I will be beyond happy when a spot finally opens up at the daycare in town and I won't have to bother with you anymore.
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