Sacch (sacch) wrote in bad_service,

The joys of being a college student.

I've been trying to enroll in my final semester at a community college. While trying to get my documents in, I've had nothing but problems when it comes to the financial aid office. This isn't the first time I've gritted my teeth dealing with the office but this particular incident stood out.

Two days ago I went to the campus. It opens at 8 AM, so I arrived around that time- I was going to check on my documents and see if my grants/scholarships had gone through, so I would be able to charge for my textbooks and not have to pay out of pocket. There was a line already, so I took a number from the employee watching over the line, and waited.

About an hour and a half later (I kept time- and there was a ton of other people), I finally get called up by name to the secretary's desk. Not even an advisor's office, but the secretary. She asks me for what I need, and I tell her what I'm there for. She replies with "You need to check [THIS] website and file [THESE] documents before the deadline. Otherwise we can't help you. You should have known this by now." Her tone was questionable and she emphasized some words that rubbed me the wrong way.

I explained to her that I did do all of those things, and I insisted that I wanted to speak with an advisor and that I was willing to wait.
Me: I'll just wait until an advisor is available, since I signed in and waited.
Her: (Snotty tone) Well, you can't.
Me: I'm sorry...? Why not?
Her: Because there's other people waiting behind you and you're wasting time.
Me: ... (Frustrated, a bit firmly now) I've been waiting here for over an hour. I want to speak with an advisor.

She actually ignored me, completely, even when I said "excuse me" again, so I just left. I was pretty angry.
I go home and go online to check, and yes! I was right! I HAD filed those documents- far before the deadline. I don't know why I got turned away like that.

On the bright side, though, I managed to reach the bookstore today and get the answers I was looking for, so that's a weight lifted off of my shoulders.
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