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Mastercuts, Regis corporate office

Mastercuts, you are MADE of fail!
So, last month, my tween got her haircut at Mastercuts in Annapolis Maryland... The stylist was a disaster. What was supposed to be shoulder to chin length all around became long in back and bangs above the eyebrows. (We gave the woman a -picture- for gods sake and gestured physically on my daughters neck where she wanted it cut!) She absolutely did not listen to what we wanted at any point.
Complained to corporate. They sent a gift card out to repay me and let me get her hair fixed.
Today, she decided to get her hair highlighted, so the little girl cut she had would look more interesting. (It looks gorgeous. This stylist was wonderful, and adding in the highlights really did make the haircut look more defined and attractive.)
Went to pay...
The gift card was Empty.
The Customer service guy had never loaded it before mailing it out to us. Their online card check service to verify the balance of a card is coming back 505 error, so we could not double check, and frankly would not have expected to NEED to, the balance before we left. It came from their corporate office for heavens sake!

Edited for most recent contact: Customer service called today, wanting to just put money on the gift card. When I pointed out that I had already tried to USE said card, they agreed to mail a check.
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