Sacch (sacch) wrote in bad_service,

Minor Burger King suck

My father and I went to Burger King yesterday to get some food on the way home. We ordered burgers, and specifically asked for no mayo and no onions. We pull up to the window, get the food, and check the burgers- there's no mayo, but there's onions! Dad politely hands them back over and asks the cashier to get it fixed. She's polite about it in turn and rushes off to fix it. This isn't the B_S, however.

A manager was standing right there and asked us what was going on. My dad told her everything, etc. and pretty soon we got new burgers. The manager claimed she double-checked the food before handing it to us. We figured everything was fine and dandy, so we drove home.

The suck: we get home, sit down to eat... and find out both burgers have mayo and onions. Exactly the opposite of what we asked for. It was nowhere near the end of the world, but the manager claimed to double-check after we handed it back and asked for a fix, so my dad was pissed. He actually stormed out of the house and went back to BK to get a refund and have our burgers fixed. When he got back he told me the manager got snippy with him. Welp!

A bit of an annoyance for me (moreso for him), but no biggie, we'll just go to the McD's right across the street from now on. :) We've never had bad service there and the staff is sweet as can be.
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