jarethrake (jarethrake) wrote in bad_service,

Judgy McBank

Just a little one.

I've been unemployed for a while (starting a new job next Monday!), and a few months ago I called my bank to see if there was anything they could do to make paying off my debts easier.  It turns out that they can't without me taking a hit to my credit report, and since I was still just scraping by, I said thanks but no thanks.  They also offered to put a free 'control' on my account for six months, which would prevent me from spending more than I had in the account and incurring fees.  Since it was free I went with it, and put a note on my calender to cancel it before they started charging.

Last week, I went into a branch to pay in some cash, and remembered to ask about cancelling the control.  The cashier told me I'd need to call the customer service centre, and gave me a number which she lead me to believe was for the correct department.  I finally got around to ringing it today.

It was for a debt helpline.

I called the actual customer service centre from the normal number, and they were able to just transfer me to the right department.  I asked how I'd go about making a complaint and told the advisor what had happened.  The advisor suggested that maybe the cashier just mixed up the numbers, so I held off on making a complaint then.  I've been thinking about it all afternoon though, and I'm still quite offended.  Even if it was some kind of innocent brain blip, I feel like I should say something so it doesn't happen to someone else.

I guess I'm here for a bit of a reality check, because I know people, including me, don't make wise decisions when upset.   Would it be overreacting to complain to the cashier's manager?
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