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Hotel gone bad

This June, I took my children on a road trip across the country to visit family they had never met. Given that they were functionally strangers, even though it was my father in law, instead of staying with them in their home, we stayed at a hotel, so there would be time apart to relax.

The Extended Stay America in Annapolis Maryland was horrible.

The room we were in had obviously not been cleaned. The dishes had to be cleaned by us before we could use them (Dishwasher was broken to make it more fun) there were condoms in one of the dresser drawers, the whole room smelled a little musty. The only thing that seemed really clean was the towels and the sheets my son got from the lobby for the hide a bed. The construction crew downstairs apparently banged the walls so hard a fixture was knocked off the bathroom light, and the hotel required us to clean it up ourselves (Without a broom).

Worst of all for us, the place had roaches.

We complained about them to the front desk and they offered to move us to another room, but then rescinded that offer as the hotel was being renovated and the rooms he would put us in were all due to be redone the next day. At this time I also made the man aware of the general dirt and he took the condoms out himself. He claimed they would call in an exterminator, but never did, and we kept seeing the bugs all week. Given Dad had to pay up front for the room, we could not easily move to another hotel, as they were not willing to give us back his money to allow for it, and this place wasn't cheap.

Coming home, we notified the hotel chain of the problems with the hotel. The corporate office said they would look into it. I left a review on TripAdvisor also. Today, I learned they charged my father for a large smoking fee, claiming they found cigarette butts in our room. I have never smoked, nor have my children. This is very obviously retaliatory.

Any suggestions?

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