robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_service,

Lowe's Woes

We're putting floor tile in the bathroom so after finding a style we like on-line we head to our local Lowe's. Unfortunately they don't have any stock on the tile we liked and it's been discontinued but the customer service rep goes above and beyond locating a store about 1-1/2 hours away that has the 7-1/2 cases of tile we need and arranges for an in-store transfer. The only thing he couldn't say was how long it would take but he suggested we call the other store the next day and check with them.

I call and it's going to be over a week before a truck is heading our way so my wife decides to make the drive and pick up the order (which the store has no problem with).

Once there my wife goes to customer service who pages for someone from flooring. About 20 minutes later someone from flooring calls and after a bit of persuasion (order # here for pick up...but that's supposed to be in-store transfer...yeah but they decided to come get it...supposed to be in-store transfer...but they're here now...supposed to be in-store transfer, etc. etc.) the floor guy is convinced to bring the order up to loading.

Ten minutes later he arrives with a pallet...

Wife: Uhmm, three of these cases are for a completely different tile.
FG: Yeah, I noticed that. It's weird they're not all what was on the order.
Wife: Well...can we get the correct tiles?
FG: Hey! I didn't pick the order...I just brought it up.
Wife: I'm not saying it's your fault, I'd just like to get all the same, correct tile.

In the end she was able to convince him to get the correct tiles and I suppose it's a good thing she drove up there instead of waiting over a week to get a half correct order but I can not understand the mentality of noticing a mistake and just shrugging your shoulders and moving on.

TLDR: Employee thinks it is "weird" that wrong items were pulled for an order but it doesn't occur to him to actually fix the mistake.

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