Alfonsina Svoboda (alfiechat) wrote in bad_service,
Alfonsina Svoboda

Yellow cab suckful service-- you decide.... but it all works out in the end?

So last night, got almost 3.5 hours of sleep,and had to work today on top of that. Rather than deal with public transportation, I decided to get a cab home because it would be quicker and i wouldn't fall asleep in the cab like  I would on a half hour bus ride.

Got text saying cab was on it's way and its eta was 12:36. There was a vehicle accident right in front of my building, so i stood in the street between two parked cars so I could see the cab coming. It showed up. saw the line of cars in the accident, and passed them up and kept going. I waited a few minutes, thinking maybe the driver didn't see me, and is circling the block. Nope nada.

So, I called the cab company again to tell them what happened. They said they'd send out another cab. got text saying, cab dispatched. its' .1 miles away. That would translate into like 2 minutes, right? WRONG!!! 10 minutes later, no cab. So I wait till 15 minutes have passed, just in case, and no cab. Dispatchers hang up on me 3 times. Frustrated, I walk to a hotel a few blocks away, get a taxi, and make it home.

I called the cab company when I arrived home, and asked for a supervisor. Dispatcher asked me to describe my situation and said, hey, you weren't there when your cab showed. I explained that the first cab passed me up, the 2nd cab never showed after 20 minutes, so... I took matters into my own hands.

I was transferred to the vice president of the company, and he gave me his number, told me to call it the next time I wanted a cab, and i wouldn't be charged for the ride. I guess it all worked out in the end, but good fricking lord, what the hell is up with these jokers.?
I realize I am not a big time fare because I am not going to the airport, but am still a customer and deserve better service.

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