Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord (sleepywarlord) wrote in bad_service,
Astrianna the Sleepy Warlord

2/$3 only if you buy two of the same.

I wanted to get the opinion of the community before I proceeded with writing anyone. Mostly if this is a corporate_suck, a case of an employee being silly, or someone who programmed the prices/computer being silly. I know this is trivial, but I've never experienced this before so I thought it kinda bizarre.

Selected bottled drinks were on sale. Regular amount was X, individual sale price was Y, but if you bought two, they were 2/$3. So I picked 2 and brought them to the front to pay for them. They scan in at a sale price but not at the two for price but each at the individual sale price.

I point this out to the cashier, and she simply tells me, "they scanned in at X price." Yes, I'm aware, hence why I'm bringing it to your attention that it's wrong (or so I believe). I don't say this but I'm thinking it as I repeat they're supposed to be 2/$3. We go back to the section and she points out at the sign, "Yeah they're Y price if you buy them individually." To which I point out, "yeah and if you buy two, they're 2/$3!" She responds, "I don't know. This is how they're ringing up." No offer to call management (because it's wrong), no, "oh yeah, that's weird, you're right" or anything. She just stands there staring at the sale price tags and I just decide to take one and go - it really wasn't important enough to hold up the line further calling a manager (she was the only cashier on duty because it was in the evening), so I just bought the one and left, planning to write corporate about it. (Mostly because I think it's silly that the registers don't recognize that both drinks are from the 2/$3 sale).

I should also add that they were 2 different drinks both 2/$3 (both personal size), but their individual sale price, as well as their regular individual price were different. Am I so absurd in thinking 2/$3 should be 2/$3? There were no signs specifically stating you had to buy two of the same drink, and nowhere else I know does this where I am.

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