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I need a venti coffee....STAT!

My bad service experience with Comcast (that eventually had a good ending)

This happened in July 2003

My (now ex) roommates and I had rented a house in Atlanta. I was in charge of getting the phone/cable/gas accounts set up, as I was home during business hours and they weren’t.

I called Comcast to set up our account. Chose a package, and all that stuff. Advised her that the previous owner (who had lived there for 20+ years) had never had cable, so they’d need to run it from the street to the house, and install a jack. She puts it on the work order. I asked the rep when they could hook everything up (I had called on a Monday). She says “they can be out on Wednesday to hook you up”. I said “ok, I’ll be here”, thanked her, and hung up. Wednesay comes, and no one shows between the hours I was given (8am and noon). I call customer service, and am told that he ran over, so he’s a little behind, but he will be here. Ok, no problem, as I was at that point working for myself, so I could do what I needed to from home. Around 4pm, I call back, and ask if someone is heading out this way. The rep says he’s on his way, he should be there within the hour. At 8pm, I call back, and get a very lovely rep, who tells me that none of the techs are working, that they finished at 6pm. At this point I’m friggin’ furious, and tell her what I was told all day long. She gets my cell number, and my home number, and promises to find out why no one showed up, and will call me back. I’m furious, my roommates are getting nervous because they’ve never seen me pissed like this. The rep calls me back 10 minutes later, and says that someone will be out in the morning, as per the technicians dispatcher. Ok, I’m fine with that; I’m less upset because this rep has taken the situation and handled it well, and did what she promised. So, around 10am on Thursday, I call to see when to expect someone. I’m told by a girl “you need to make an appointment for that”. I explain that someone was supposed to show up YESTERDAY and they never did. She gets an attitude with me, so I calmly ask for her supervisor. She tells me “no”. I ask 6 more times and get told “no” each time. I finally blow up and SCREAM “give me your God damn supervisor RIGHT NOW”. She sighs heavily and says “fine. Hold on”. Supervisor gets on the phone, and by the way she’s talking, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually the girl sitting next to her. I hang up on her, and call back. As soon as the girl answers, I say calmly “I was just on the phone with the most incompetent person employed by Comcast, I want a supervisor, and no, you can not help me with this problem”. She’s nice, says she understands, and gives me a supervisor. This woman proceeds to tell me she can put me on a list for Monday. WTF? I was told that I could be put on the list for Monday. I tell this woman that someone will be out here TOMORROW morning, as they should have been here YESTERDAY. She argues with me. I say fine, put me down for Monday as a last resort, but there had better be someone here by tomorrow at the latest. Around 2pm on Thursday, a tech finally shows up. He says “oh, you don’t have a jack”. WHAT? I told the girl a jack needed to be installed, and I looked at his work order, and it’s on there too. He says “I need to go get a drill, I’ll be right back”. Ok, fine. Why he didn’t have one on his truck I dunno. So the guy leaves. 6 hours pass, so I call back. I tell them what happened, and that if I knew it’d take 6 hours to get a freakin’ drill, I would have taken him to Home Depot which was up the road, and bought him one to use. I tell them I want someone here by 8am on Friday, and am told they’ll do what they can. The tech then calls my house at 9pm and asks if I want him to come out right now and do it. I tell him no, he can be here at 8am the next day. Friday comes….8am rolls around, no tech. Noon rolls around….no tech. I call back & am told he’d be there by 2pm. Fine. 2:45 hits, I call back pissed beyond belief, when he comes driving up my driveway. He starts doing what he needs to do, and as I’m in the living room where he’s working, he’s watching me more than what he’s doing. My (male) roommate comes in early from work, and we were chatting, and the tech says to me “so, do you live here alone?”. WHAT??? I look at Russell (my roomie) and give him the eyebrow raise. I look at the tech and tell him “no, I have 2 roommates”. He gets this deflated look on his face and goes “oh”, like he’s disappointed. He finishes, I sign the work order, give him the $149 check, and he leaves.

After he left, I sat & composed a six (yes, 6) page letter to the President of Comcast. I gave names, dates, times, what I was told/what I asked, and what I was told. I mailed it off and figured that was it, I’d never hear anything.


A month later, I get a call from the President of Comcast’s office. He listened to all the tapes, and verified every word I wrote. Atleast I got 6 months free cable out of it.
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