the attention just encourages her (xhollydayx) wrote in bad_service,
the attention just encourages her

Annoying customer service with my ring

A few months ago I noticed that my engagement ring rattled a little. I couldn't tell if the diamond was loose, but my partner and I bought the warranty so we brought it to the mall. The guy examined it, said he could hear a slight rattle but no movement so don't worry about it. I was hesitant, but hey, he's the pro.

Fast forward to this past week. The rattle is more obvious and I can move my diamond. Now, it's insured but I don't like to think of it just falling out (with my luck, one of my dogs would eat it). My partner and took it to another mall, and had them look at it. The first girl had a bit of attitude, and tried telling me that it wasn't loose. I asked for someone else to look at it, and he was like "Oh, that's definitely loose. Let's get this fixed for you right away". Great! Except then it got annoying

The original girl questioned whether we had a warranty and did give us a really hard time, including questioning us multiple times if we bought the ring there. We kept telling them that we ordered it in November 2011, ring arrived in January, was purchased from [other mall]. She finally finds it and says, "Well I guess we can fix it for free." At this point, the guy had been carrying around my ring on one of his fingers, and I had no problem with it. We sat down next to other customers to fill out paperwork.

My first issue, and I realize I'm being nitpicky and maybe a PITA: they wouldn't fix it in store even though they have a jeweler. My warranty requires it to be sent out. Okay, not a huge deal. Except, it will take a minimum of 4 weeks, maybe 6. I like my ring, i don't want to be without it for that long. Why pay for a warranty if I have to wait that long? I know some brands require that, but ours is not a special brand. Also, I"m sure it doesn't really happen, but my grandmother had told me to never leave jewelry as they can replace it. Also, they tell us that the diamond is not under the warranty b/c it was ours (not purchased from the store), so we need to sign this release that they're not liable for anything with the diamond. So, if they accidentally screw it up, it's not their problem. We ask about the in-house jeweler. Even though it's not covered by our warranty, would we be able to pay extra? They call around, and pull the manager aside. It will cost us $80 and will take 10-14 days. And again, sign here, not their problem. I just need the prongs tightened, nothing else so 14 days sounds rather long. I could pay an extra $75 for a rush of 5-7 days. Partner and I quietly consult (with the woman interrupting repeatedly, and trying to sell us other stuff). So we decide to check around and probably pay a local jeweler. The girl keeps trying to sell us stuff - we are standing near another case and she keeps going , "So what are you going to buy her today? Don't you want to show her your love?" When I politely tell her that I'm pretty sure we'll not be buying anything today, and after I have a beverage we'll think about it, she rolls her eyes and walks away (note: they were not busy. Us and one other couple so I wasn't pulling her from other customers).

So the guy (who was helpful) is still carrying around my ring. The couple looking at wedding rings sees it. The woman wants to try it on, so the guy just hands it to her. I realize none of this is a majorly bad suck, but that's just weird and rude. So now there's some customer with my ring, and they want to buy it. She wants a diamond like mine. they show her (from the case) the setting, but she wants mine. At no point yet has anyone said, "Oh that's someone's ring". Then the woman starts walking around the store wearing my ring. So I walk over, and try to hint that. I point at my ring and ask, "so is it loose enough I shouldn't wear it around, and just leave it at home?" The woman says "Oh, is this your ring?" I tell her yes, she compliments it and quickly takes it off. She does a nervous laugh and says she didn't realize that it was someone's ring.

I take my ring and we hustle it out of there.
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