Danielle (dmitchell1985) wrote in bad_service,

I've read a shocking amount of the bad delivery service on here and have been lucky enough not to experience loads of it lately. However, here are some free tips for the United States Postal Service:

  • If you have two packages for the same house, it's usually a good idea to leave both packages at the house, not take one of them back with you.

  • It also doesn't help if you leave a faulty article number that neither your online website nor the computers of your customer service recognize.

  • In case anyone is wondering, neither package had insurance or anything extra that requires a signature or for me to be home for delivery. On the upside of this annoying service, the woman who helped me on the customer service help line was wonderful! Even after her computer temporarily went down, the article number turned out to be invalid, and some of her information was out of date, she set me up for a redelivery. I'm just hoping that it shows up tomorrow as promised.

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