twilightscribe (twilightscribe) wrote in bad_service,

Pizza Hut Bad Service

A friend and I got together a few days ago just to hang out, write, and watch some stuff together and we decided that we'd order in some pizza for dinner since it was just the two of us. We placed the order, it said it went through, and that we could expect our pizza within the next 35 minutes.

An hour later, no sign of the pizza. So, my friend called the Pizza Hut to see what was up – like if there was a delay or they just couldn't find the house or something. As it turns out, the order hadn't gone through and the guy on the phone was incredibly rude and condescending to her which started to irritate and annoy her and we were offered no apologies at all but that our pizza would be sent out in the next half an hour. Then he hung up.

The pizza did arrive half an hour later, but my friend and I were both still pissed off about the fact that the guy on the phone was incredibly rude and that our order hadn't even processed at all. We did place the order online, so that had to do with it, but if it's broken or something and someone calls to tell you so maybe you should do something about it or at least report it to your manager or something.

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