it's a secret (strwbrri_shrtck) wrote in bad_service,
it's a secret

Brief Irritating Service from the Hut of Pizza

My friend ordered pizza on Saturday afternoon as a thanks to me and my S.O. for letting him stay at our place over the weekend.  He called in the order when I was on my way home from work and was quoted a 45 minute delivery.  I got home and the three of us found something entertaining to watch on t.v. while we waited for our lunch to get there.  We finished two shows and still no knock at the door.

We decided to wait a little while longer, since it was a Saturday afternoon and it was possible that they might have gotten unexpectedly busy due to two high school graduations happening that day.  At almost the 2-hour mark, my friend is actually dialing the number to the Hut location to find out what the delay is, when finally someone knocks at the door.  It's the pizza!  Hooray!  Said pizza driver did not have a pen so my friend could sign the receipt, so I had to hunt one down so he could sign the credit card slip.  Not one word was mentioned from the driver as to why the pizza was delayed.  Not even an "I'm sorry" for not having a pen.

So, anyway, he signs the receipt and the driver left quickly after taking the receipt.  We get our plates together and pour ourselves some drinks, and open the pizza box.  One of the pizzas was folded on itself.  They were both cool to the touch, and they tasted terrible.  I advised friend to give them a call just to let them know.  I'm not sure if he has yet, but that had to have been the worst pizza I've ever had.

So yeah...brief and irritating suck.

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