Alfonsina Svoboda (alfiechat) wrote in bad_service,
Alfonsina Svoboda

Pizza Hut, You suck!!

Working today, we all decided to order some pizza from one of the locations that delivers to our Downtown location. As some of my coworkers have ordered from this particular one before, they took the lead on this one. I happened to have a gift card that we were going to use for paying a portion of the bill. We placed the order, at 11:30am. They told us that it would be here in half an hour.

Now, at 12:25, we called and asked them where our order was.(as a background, there are many events downtown today, so there are some street closures, which is why we waited so long to call them). After about 10 tries where we kept getting put on hold and disconnected, we finally reached a real human being, the manager, or so he said.

He proceeded to ask our name, and told us the order was being made now. My co worker chimed in and told him that we'd ordered almost an hour ago, and where is the order. Put on hold, came back and told us that we wouldn't get our order because they have no delivery driver. They couldn't have told us that when we called? Manager told us that my gift card would have the money credited back on it, and it indeed was.

tl;dr--Pizza hut never tells us that there are issues with our order and the manager doesn't really do anything to make it right, other than credit the gift card back.
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