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Don't let Doorstep Delivery Hit you in the,,,

This happened at Doorstep Delivery (a multiple restaurant delivery service. After I filled out their feedback form, a manager left me a helpful sounding voicemail. So letter one was written before I was able to speak with anyone. Letter two is a response to the lack of help I received from the owner/manager (different guy from the first.)

Hi Manager 1, I missed your phone message the other day, but will try to call youshortly. In the meantime, let me clarify what my issues were with my botched orders. First, the burger at [award winning Foodie place I'd always wanted to try]. The menu lists it as a bacon cheeseburger, which like most, come with a variety of
condiments and toppings. I don't like them, so asked for just meat,cheese, bacon, and lettuce. I got what I asked for, except for the bacon, which was a major selling point to that particular entree. (call me weird, but I expect a bacon cheeseburger to have bacon and cheese.) The burger I did get was delicious, at least, and had no toppings I couldn't eat. It just wasn't what I had ordered. I wish that were true for the next day's order, when I gave Doorstep Delivery a second chance.

The pizza came from [New Orleans themed pizza place]{ weird,I know) and was called the Doctor
John. It is supposed to be reminiscent of a muffaletta sandwich. Since I don't like most of the ingredients of the traditional olive salad that comes on it, I requested black olives instead of the salad. They sent it just as the website described, salad, and all. It wasn't even a simple, single, topping I could pick off. I couldn't eat it at all. It was even more problematic because it was meant for several meals.

That shouldn't have happened. Usually pizza menus list all toppings oneven their specialty pizzas. That way, you can ask for substitutions,or toppings left off. [pizza place]'s menu didn't do this. And even their
build your own section was miscoded so one could only choose one
cheese, one meat, and one vegetable topping, no matter what you would be willing to pay for. I don't know if the tech issues go across several platforms or browsers. I'm on a BlackBerry, using a wifi connection.

Hopefully this will help you understand my concerns. As someone with a disability, who therefore doesn't get out to many restaurants, I really want to be able to be a good customer.



Letter 2:(really 4 or 5 if you count feedback forms)

When I spoke with you on Tuesday to discuss the serious concerns I had after two separate orders arrived incorrectly. One was missing a key ingredient, but was at least edible, even if it was not what I had paid for. This is a big deal, as [restaurant 1] is an award winning,expensive restaurant, and I paid over $60 for that order.

The second order, from [ Pizza] , contained a $20+ pizza
that I literally could not eat. My instructions should have been easy to follow. Leave off the olive salad (which is listed as a topping choice, so isn't exclusive to the Dr John,) and replace it with black olives. Not only was I out more than $20 for food I had to throw away, I ended up going hungry for a few days, because that pizza was meant to last me for several meals. I am disabled, and only have an aide to go
to the store, and cook for me, on certain days.

It is now Thursday afternoon, and I have heard nothing from you. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and waited 48 hours to inquire about my promised credit.(that was supposed to come yesterday morning) I paid over $120 for two days' orders. So I did not appreciate the dismissive attitude shown to me during our conversation Tuesday. When I spoke with
[other manager], earlier, he seemed genuinely concerned about fixing the problems.When can I expect a satisfactory resolution to these issues? (he really did seem to care. Left me a message detailing his intention to do what's right and keep my good business. But as my emails were read by
the owner/manager, it would be best to speak with him. Over the next two weeks I called several times trying to reach him. Each time the nice, but ineffectual, manager promised to text him again. Finally, on
Tuesday, the owner emailed me, telling me to call his cell. I did, and he was a complete dick. His attitude was completely dismissive. He clearly didn't give two shits about customer complaints. I should
basically just suck it up when my order is wrong. Finally, he
begrudgingly said he would email me a credit in the morning, but "it wouldn't be much". Super. He didn't lie about that. When he finally wrote back, he said "just put my name in the details box and you'll get $10 credit." The hell? That doesn't even cover the minimum order for
these places. I would have expected at least $20, ideally $25 to cover the inedible pizza, and the cost of the bacon (which wasn't cheap. It's not like it's Oscar Meyer. At this point I'm not sure what to do. Respond with "that's not good enough"? Yelp the hell out of it? Use the damn credit as is?

TL:DR I ordered food two days in a row from new (to Nashville) DoorstepDelivery restaurant service. Day 1, my expensive meal is missing key ingredient. Day 2, my pizza comes with topping I hate, which unfortunately can't be picked off. Manager A promises restitution. Owner/head manager takes weeks to respond, then dismisses my concerns.
ETA ETS? Name of restaurant. Also, meant to mention that I live in an apartment complex for disabled and/or older people, who would bring them lots of business, if they didn't suck.
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