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Just to follow up on this recent post about citibank and their diabolical online banking (and the inability for them to text my a pin so I could make transactions from my online banking)

since then I made a complaint to the Financial Services Ombudsman (FOS) about shitty bank. I also got a call from one of their staff trying to troubleshoot my phone (yes - my phone) but they wanted the model number of my phone which the guy insisted was under my battery. I told him three times that I had a hard wired battery (on my Razr) so there is no way that battery is coming off.

soon after my One Time Pin (OTP) started working anyways.  found this out because i was randomly trying the online banking and one day my OTP arrived.

one of their staff called me a couple weeks after it started working and informed me that it was due to my phone being set to roaming. roaming was never discussed in the troubleshooting I did with them and even if it was roaming, when the roaming was fixed I should have received all the OTPs I requested, and I didn't.  I emailed details of this conversation to the FOS to ensure that citibank didn't also give them the same misinformation.

the next person who called me sounded like an Australian, which I thought was a foreign concept to them. Everyone else I spoke to was in Manilla. she promised me and email follow up the next day. I didn't get the email til the following week and only after I tweeted them. I replied to their email (and CC'd the FOS) to advise i didn't think the matter was resolved and that I expected a small amount of compensation... which today I got.

it was only a small amount of money, but it is the big win overall I am happy with.

To My Fellow Australians: remember the FOS is there. They do give a long time to the banks to sort their shit out, but it does get sorted.

and now for me to get sorted in closing this account... which apparently I have to do in branch, during business hours... *sigh*


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