Eve (eveofrevolution) wrote in bad_service,

Small suck at an amusement park

Today, my boyfriend and I went to an amusement park. We have one of the souvenir cups so we can refill it for $1 and it's much cheaper, especially since we do tend to go fairly regularly. This particular amusement park allows you to set drinks and flip flops to the side before you ride roller coasters, so I went to the side and placed it against the fence separating the platform from the exit. I put it out of the way and right against a pole so no one would kick it accidentally. When we got off the coaster, my drink had been moved to the other side of the fence away from the platform. Ok, sure, that's fine if it wasn't supposed to be on the platform, I get that. But what gets me is the cup was knocked over and had leaked onto the floor, right next to someone else's backpack. I just picked it up and exited like nothing had happened, as I have no idea if they moved it to the other side and someone threw the backpack on it, causing it to tip over or what.

The line was VERY short for this coaster, so we went right back on it (we had to exit, and loop around back to the entrance). When we got back on the coaster, I went to put my cup back near the fence, this time on the correct side. I was about to put it down when an attendant came to me and extended her hand for the cup. I handed it to her, and sat down. My boyfriend talked to me so I got distracted for a minute, and as the train was leaving the station (the attendant was at her control booth so no way I could have said something to her), I saw that she had put my cup right in front of the gate in such a way that when the gate swung open to let people from the platform into the exit section, it would be knocked over. Fabulous. Ride ended, and when we got back to the station I saw that sure enough, my cup was knocked over again, leaking soda everywhere. I went to pick it up and it was actually wedged between the gate and the floor. I managed to pull it out without spilling more, and as I stood up I saw the attendant watching. I made eye contact with her, gestured to the cup like "WTF?!" shook my head, and exited. I almost said something, but I am no good at confrontation or thinking about how to word things properly when I'm pissed off.

Small suck, I know, but SERIOUSLY? I know you're not responsible for our items left on the platform, but that was blatant disregard for my stuff.

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