Same crap, different day (snow_white) wrote in bad_service,
Same crap, different day

Why Moonpig has lost me as a customer

I have used Moonpig occasionally for quite a while now, mainly for those moments when I realise I'm thisclose to forgetting someone's birthday and can't leave work to go shopping; of course, this has meant getting marketing emails from them fairly regularly, but it has always been easy to just delete them and move on with my day. Until, that is, the past fortnight, when they have been bombarding me with emails suggesting that my dad would like various cards or gifts. My dad passed away five years ago following a long and painful illness, and was buried the day before Father's Day - so as you can imagine, this is a time of year that is quite hard for my mother and I to get through even without insensitive junk like this. I unsubscribed from Moonpig's emails, sending them a message explaining why I was doing so - and what did I find in my inbox this morning? A mailshot from Moonpig suggesting that I buy my dad a gift box of beer. From now on, I will get my act together and shop for my cards and gifts in plenty of time, because Moonpig will not be getting another penny from me.
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