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dunkin donuts annoying service

So I work in the afternoons around 2pm. The bus that I take to work runs by my house at 1:15 and then again at 2:03. It's only a 15 minute bus ride, so I often take the 1:15 and have my lunch from 1:30-2, before I go into work. Usually I stop in Dunkin Donuts for a soda and the bacon, egg, and cheese on a plain bagel.

I had noticed that at this particular Dunkin Donuts, several days in a row my sandwich was given to me steaming hot and a little "crispy," but not so burnt that it was inedible. Just noticeably crispier than I like it, but whatever. On this day, however, when I got my sandwich it was nearly black around the edges and the rest of the bagel was hard as a rock. I took a couple of bites, but it was so burnt that I just couldn't eat it. I didn't have a lot of money to spare this particular day, since it was a weird week with my work hours, and I lamented the idea of throwing the sandwich away because it was $4. However, in the time between my being served and my attempting to eat the sandwich, the Dunkin Donuts had gotten pretty busy and I didn't want to tackle the line.

By this time it's about 1:40. The line died down a little bit, so I went back up and said, "I'm really sorry, but this sandwich is burnt and I can't eat it. Can I have it remade?" The guy at the register barely glanced at it before tossing it to the side. "Yeah, just give me a minute," he said, because there was again a line forming behind me and he was the only one up there. So I went back to my table to drink my soda and wait.

Five or ten minutes passed and the line was not slowing down, but now the guy at the register was joined by two other workers. I kept peering over at the sandwich area to see if mine had been remade. The cashier guy finally noticed and said to one of the other workers, "This needs to be remade." She kind of grumbled about it, but remade it. Finally, she calls out my new sandwich and I go to pick it up.

This one wasn't burnt, and for a moment I was happy - until I bit into it and noticed it tasted a little off. Plain. So I opened it and looked at it, and this time it had been made without cheese. Now, normally I would try to let it go, but the sandwich was $4, it had already been remade once, and without cheese, it just didn't taste good. Maybe it's minor, but I paid for a particular sandwich and I wanted that particular sandwich. I didn't want to waste my money on something that I didn't like.

By this time it was about 1:55. Fortunately, there was no line. So I gathered my courage and went back up to the counter. I explained to the guy that this time, my sandwich had been made with no cheese and at this point, I just wanted a refund. The guy looked annoyed, but he didn't say anything about it, he just gave me my refund, so I suppose it could have been worse. Still, the entire experience just soured me and I haven't gone back to that particular Dunkin Donuts since.

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