madamearnoux (madamearnoux) wrote in bad_service,


All right ladies,

I'm returning these pants. Yes, I *did* try them on and they fit like a dream in the fitting room. Walking around in them was a different story.

You told me returning them was going to be no problem.

So why did you and your co-worker ask me three separate times why I wasn't happy with them? And had looks on your faces like I had just fed you a bite of dog shit?

The attitude is just a tad unnecessary.

And yes I paid with a debit card. I wasn't aware that was a rare form of payment these days. But you made it clear with your huffing, sighing and venom spewing under your breath that I had made a bad choice in using it. Why? Because it made extra work for you.

So incredibly sorry I interrupted your gossiping behind the counter to make you do your job :( I know it was really hard with me being the only customer in your department and all.
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