vic_vega66 (vic_vega66) wrote in bad_service,

Independant cafe woes

I'd just finished work and was walking home and spotted a sign outside a cafe offering a bacon bap for £2.50. I was hungry and as it was a lovely day, eating a bacon bap as I strolled through the park sounded great. I strolled into the cafe and asked the rather harrassed looking lady behind the counter (it was 8.50 in the morning) if the bacon sandwich came with a cup of tea as well...

She looked at me with utter loathing and contempt and bellowed, "no it doesnt." Turned her back on me and walked off.

Now, there are two things here, the cafe had only been open for 20 minutes so how could she be so harrassed? It would cost a fiver altogether to add a cup of tea, so it isnt that great a deal. I can get a full breakfast, plus toast and tea for a fiver about ten minutes away.

What gets me most though is why be so rude?
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