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Eggs & Toast

I was responding to a comment in another journal and I decided it should be in Bad Service.

I had the opposite thing happen to me once at a small breakfast place. Guy next to me ordered before me, then I ordered a few minutes later. Guys food comes up but there is something wrong so he sends it back. My food comes up and the waitress left it sitting under the hot lamp for about five minutes (she went up and checked the ticket so it's not like she was just busy or didn't realize it was my order). Guys new order finally comes up, the waitress gives it to him then grabs my order and gives it to me.

I pulled her aside later on and told her that while I understand that she didn't want someone bitching at her that their order should have come out first the guy did send his order back and there was absolutely no reason why she should have left my order sitting for five minutes (I believe she actually tried to argue that she hadn't left my food sitting on the counter...I was like, lady, it's a tiny diner and I'm sitting about five feet from the hot lamp counter. You've been standing in front of me the whole time and I saw you check the ticket. I assumed it was someone else's order and you were waiting for another part of it to come up. If I had known it was mine I would have taken it off the counter myself!). Never went back to that place.

Note: This happened about 7 years ago and I really didn't go back...I can't really remember but I think I made them re-do my order also.

I think I'll post this on Bad_Service.

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