Kirsty (aphrael) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service turned good...I guess

A followup to my previous post.

I got tired of waiting for Henna Hut to contact me, so I filed a Paypal dispute (because usually, if nothing else, this will get someone to take notice of your problem). I gave it a few days - nothing. So, I escalated it to a claim and let Paypal deal with it. One day later, I get a very terse email from Henna Hut, just saying that he/she (their name was Shasta, so I'm unsure of gender) wasn't in the office at the moment but would send me my tracking number on Monday. No reference to the Paypal dispute, no apologies, nothing else. I ignored it, because quite frankly, even if it *had* a tracking number, it had been over two weeks so it clearly was lost or something. I never got any further communication from them on Monday, so on Tuesday, I replied and said that I never got sent any tracking information and I'd just like a refund, please. That afternoon, I got a notification from Paypal saying I got a refund, and another very terse email from Henna Hut just saying they sent the refund via Paypal.

All good, right? I go to another, different website that I've been recommended for henna, and place an order with the Paypal refund from Henna Hut. Then, that evening, I get an automated email from Henna Hut, saying that a package was on its way to me, with a tracking number (that worked!) I mean, I guess they were just trying to make up for their mistake, but if I'd known they were going to do that, I wouldn't have placed the order with the other website! Their lack of communication throughout the whole issue really irritated me, and so I still won't be ordering from them in future.
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